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The day has come. "E.V.N.A.R", the debut album from the Spanish-Slovenian combo EvnaR (featuring Roman and J.M from Between The Frost and Robert Kovacic from Belphegor, Nothnegal...) is available for preorder.

Eight tracks of raw Blackened Death Metal for fans of Behemoth, Vader or God Dethroned. Limited pressing of 300 hand-numbered copies with exclusive vinyl master for this edition by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio. First 50 copies come together with an A3 sized poster and Cesar Valladares´s cover for the album.

You can preorder you copy now at Bandcamp for May 24th release.


May 24th is the official release date for the Spanish-Slovenian combo EvnaR´s debut album and our first reference too.

When listening to "E.V.N.A.R." we are introduced to a Blackened Death metal masterpiece executed by Roman and J.M alongside with monster drummer Robert Kovačič, in the vein of top class acts from the Polish extreme metal scene (Behemoth, Belphegor, Vader) plus classic old atmospheres from the Swedish 90s like Lord Belial or Unanimated added.

Recorded in different locations in Spain and Slovenia with endless dedication and hardworking, the album was finally mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden by the mighty Tore Stjerna, who is also behind the exclusive vinyl master for this release.

Preorders start next Tuesday April 25th. From that date until May 24th, you can reserve your copy and get access to an exclusive special package deal available only during preorder period.


So we are in the position now of giving you full configuration details on Evnar´s first album, to be released next May by The Vinyl Division.

There will be 300 copies of the edition on black vinyl, hand-numbered, with single cover, insert and exclusive black and white artwork for this format by el dios perezoso. Album cover is art of Cesar Valladares.

For the best quality and sound experience on vinyl, we count on a special master by Tore Stjerna made at Necromorbus Studios in Sweden. Vinyl plays at 45 RPM.

50 first lucky customers to order this version will receive an A3 sized poster with album cover in all its splendor. Get in touch if you request any particular number printed on your copy.

Official release date and preorder coming next week.


So there we go, "Infinite Dark Hatred" is the first full track from EVNAR´s debut album coming up this May 2016, released on vinyl format by The Vinyl Division. Enjoy the violence!

Stay tuned for more details on dates and preorder.


We can finally announce our first release coming up next May. EVNAR , the band formed by Roman (vocals) and JM (guitars) from BETWEEN THE FROST in early 90s and taken up in 2010 after Roman left this band, will be the first on our roster.

For this album, they join forces with Slovenian drummer Robert Kovačič, known for his work with bands such as Nothnegal, Belphegor or Supreme Pain, alongside being live drum technician for 1349, Unleashed, Soffocation, Nile and dozens more.

The album is entitled under the band´s name "E.V.N.A.R." mastered at Necromorbus Studio with exclusive vinyl master by Tore Stjerna. Eight tracks of Blackened Death Metal that will put the band into the international extreme metal orbit.

Full details on this edition, track premiere and preorders soon.